Tactics to find a lost Los Angeles snake in your house

If you have a pet Los Angeles snake and it has broken free you may be distressed. Either because it may get hungry and starve, or it may get hungry and eat you. Either way you want it back in its cage as soon as possible, but the question is where to start?

The best place to start is the last place it physically was. The cage. This can give vital clues as to where it has gone. However, California snakes can go pretty much anywhere so every nook and cranny needs to be searched. Anywhere where it may be search it. This includes under sofas, TV stands, bookcases, or on top of shelves, even inside drawers aren't sacred, so scour your house (you may find something along the way!)

So you've turned the house upside down. Everywhere that's warm, cold, high, low, damp, and dry has been searched. The next step is to barter. Place the cage in the centre of a room, and inside of it put its favorite treats in. Hopefully your Los Angeles snake will return to you at this point.

If this doesn't work you need to step it up and start being crafty. This involves placing a variety of different objects on the ground. Placing these strategically, like in doorways, can help your chances of finding the animal. These include tin foil (so you can hear it), flour (so you can see where it has been) or even simple video surveillance cameras.

If this doesn't work place a food source which it really like sun a trap, and place it in a well ventilated area, and probably in the middle of the room as so it's obvious where it is. The snake should fall for this or have been picked up by some of the other methods that have been mentioned. If this is a frequent occurrence however simply put a small tag on it which can help locate the California snake if needs be.

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