How To Keep Away Los Angeles Vultures

Vultures are huge birds which can be problematic in residential areas. The reality is that Los Angeles vultures are not a threat. However, they excrete unusually bulky droppings which mess up one's yard. Their droppings are eyesores and to some extent they can even damage roofs and other property.

1. Scare away the California vultures
- Vultures are legally protected by the Migratory Bird Treaty of 1918.
- Hence, scaring them off is the better option of keeping them away.
- Playing recorded distress calls of blackbirds and starlings can also be of help.
- A motion or time sprinkler can also be set up to spray the vulture with a stream of water whenever it perches.

2. Shaking trees on which they perch before dusk
- One of the most recommended ways of keeping Los Angeles vultures at bay is by disturbing roosts.
- Shaking the tree that the vulture is using as a perch makes it uncomfortable for the vulture to settle in for the night
- This method requires a great deal of patience as you will have to repeat this everyday before nightfall until the bird finally gives up and goes away.

3. Shiny items can deter vultures.
- Strings used should be long enough so that the disks reach the location of the California vulture's perch

4. Use of decoys of hawks and owls
- The decoys should be high enough where the vultures can see them.
- Visually scaring the vulture away with the decoys is an effective method
- The Los Angeles vulture will look for an alternative place to perch.

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